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Default Re: Paedophilia: An Analysis In Method.

Thats what they're hoping for Mary.

The net must be controlled/regulated if they're to have any chance of pulling of the police state wish list.

Sorry if I appear paranoid. I'm tired and spending way to much time on the computer and this forum.

I need to get another bad habit...yeh! Thats it, i'll get an amphetamine habit and then i can stay up 3 days straight and think i'm writing brilliant exposes on the NWO when i'm actually writing crap...whats that? I'm already doing that...

Yeh Minute man...they've been around a while on the lap top. Companies are bringing them in on their desk tops as well.

You can actually buy the USB thumb scanner and attach it to your computer so the kids cant get on and find your porn collection...and who said the NWO gadgets wer'nt any good?
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