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Default Re: YHWH cut a channel

In response to the thread mmddll your views on Bible revelation as prophecy are just your own speculation i ve read enough on the subject to know that certain prodie pastors put whatever spin they want on pre mill bible prophecy.
Most of the dispensationalists call the catholic church the Mystery Babylon not merely Mammon and they call Russia and Arab states Gog and Mogog while calling the US and other anglo nations the lions of tarshish.
Personally i dont buy this pre mill bs because i dont believe 144,000 yids are going to be saved at tribulation and that isreal will repent in the tribulation, mainly because they didnt take there chance to repent the first time christ came so why would there attitude be any different this time round as for your own spin on it, just your own speculation and level with any judeo zio loonie prophecy speculations!.
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