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Default Re: Vatican politics and the U.S.A.

First, let me thank those who responded.

One response states:
"I see is that why GWB is rapid dispensationalist protestant, that would like to bring nuclear apocalypse with the so called axis of evil!."

Bush is no Protestant, at least not as the word is historically understood. The word 'Protestant' has become quite ambiguous these days. Bush has visited the Pope more than any other U.S. president, once in an election year. He does not protest the Vatican, but kneels before it. He may claim the name 'protestant', but he does not understand or believe in Scripture Alone (Sola Scriptura), nor Justification by Faith Alone (Sola Fide).

Because Bush does not hold to Justification by faith without works, then it is also impossible for him to claim to be an evangelical. He does not understand what the Gospel is, nor does he believe in it. There are few Protestants left in the U.S. that understand the basic principles of Calvinism.

Does Bush hold to the eschatology of dispensationalism? I doubt it. He has proven himself to be Post-millennialist in his eschatology, theonomist in his political theory, and reconstructionist in his social theory, just like the Roman Catholic Church-state.

Another response states:
"Youve obvioulsy never heard of the pro zion Christian Coalition in the US!"

Yes, I have heard of it, but the political theory is a match to Roman Catholicism. Where in the Old Testament do we find a despotic political theory taught? No where. It was the Roman Catholic Church-state which sought to crusade against the Muslim in the Dark Ages. Why is it that we never read John Calvin, nor Luther, nor their followers ever advocating a crusade to take back the "holy lands" by force? Because, such things are not taught in Scripture.

The culmination of Reformed thought can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith (1643). In that scholarly confession you can read how Calvinism teaches that those who believe the Gospel are God's chosen people, not the physical descendants of Abraham. This core belief prevents Christians to go to war for the political aims of Israel, since today's Israel, as a whole, believes NOT the Gospel. They are pagan, and non-Christian.

Therefore, dispensationalism is closer to, if not a derivative from, Roman Catholicism. It is not authentic Protestant doctrine. There are many good essays which offer excellent critical analysis on dispensationalism and today's so-called evangelicals at:

Just go to their archives and look through their essays. I advise a good reading of all of their essays, especially if you are interested in Protestant thought.

The Pope is anti-Christ.
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Scripture Alone is the axiomatic starting point of all Christian thought.
Justification by Faith Alone is the central doctrine within Scripture.
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