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Default Re: Vatican politics and the U.S.A.

Thank you again for your remarks.
It seems that some of the Catholics here find the truth I present a bit offensive. I think I am a bit tame compared to Jordan Maxwell or Eric Phelps, yet I am more than willing to answer any of your questions or debate any on topics such as: The heresy of Roman Catholicism.

That being said, let me answer one such Catholic who wrote:

"Red; the heretical ideas you endorse have been debated ad infinitum in the forum. Research the posting history of roscoe and bring it on.

These people coming to the USA from South and Central America are no more 'Catholic' than you are. The Vatican II 'Church' is just another Protestant sect masquerading under the name Catholic. Consult"

Por la amor de Dios!
Well, as a translator, I got to to work closely with more than a few hispanics, and I can honestly say that I didn't find any who were Protestant. I found many who were given to the cult of Mary, but none who believed Justification by Faith Alone.

You begin by claiming my ideas are "heretical", and then appeal to a debate at some other location. This is not an argument, but a weak plea on your part to draw some to your side with childish rhetoric. You strike me as a typical Roman Catholic fanatic. I firmly maintain that the pope is anti-Christ and Roman Catholicism is of the devil. If you would like to prove me wrong, then simply state your position and proceed with argument. After all, you should have no problem, seeing how it has already been argued "ad infinitum."

Opus Dei is exactly what the Davinci Code said it was, a Jesuit-extremist Catholic institution, which abuses women and perpetuates unlawful behavior and self-flagelation.

If you examine Vatican II, then you will see that the Roman Catholic Church-state did not change any of its doctrinal positions. They still adhere to the Magisterium of the Church, they still adhere to justification by faith + works.

More importantly, even if you do think that the Roman Catholic Church-state has now become "protestant", which it hasn't, consider how it has never retracted their authoritative decrees from the council of Trent. Not one.
Failure to retract previous mistaken teachings is nothing more than a continuance of such error.
But, who really expects an institution like the Roman Catholic Church-state to admit it is wrong, then retract a teaching. Such would run counter to their claims of infallibility when it comes to popes, councils, and creeds.

Consider how the current pope, Ratzinger, former head of the Inquisition, confirmed that the Roman Catholic Church-state does not consider any non-catholic church to be a proper church in his notorious encyclical Iesus Dominus. He was not even pope when he published this. That should tell you just how much power Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict the anti-christ, really has.
The new pope, former Hitler youth, is all grown up and ready to persecute any who opposes the Roman Catholic Church-state.

If you take the time to study such documents, like Evangelicals and Catholics Together, then you will see that the Catholic church has NOT given up even one of its doctrinal positions, especially on justification. J.I. Packer, a once well known prolific evangelical writer, was a British/Protestant theologian who relinquished his belief of Justification by Faith Alone, and embraced the Roman Catholic dogma. Just one example.

Anyway, you are sadly misinformed or intentionally being deceptive.

If any would like to listen to some wonderful lectures by a man who was a Roman Catholic priest for over 20 years, then I would point you to Google Video, search for Richard Bennett. He does an excellent job demonstrating the heresy of Catholicism with their own documents, and of course the Bible. Richard is now a Calvinist.
For scholarly essays on Justification by Faith Alone and other Christian doctrines, then I recommend:

Yo espero que ud. tenga un buen noche.
Red Beetle
Scripture Alone is the axiomatic starting point of all Christian thought.
Justification by Faith Alone is the central doctrine within Scripture.
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