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Default Re: Milosevic in the Hague

Trouble is OC, Capitalism has never existed.

Take Ralph Sarich and the Orbital Engine. Sarich is a true capitalist. He borrows money for an original idea and then tries to market it, and what happens?

He is prevented from marketing it by a socialist, command and control world economy.

If we had a Lazze Fair (spelling) capitalist economy his idea would have immediately been on the market.

Instead we have gigantic corporations who's sole purpose is to prevent competition and form cartels amongst themselves and divy up the world.

It has always been this way.

I recommend G.E. Griffen on this matter..."The Politics Of Cancer Therapy". He ranges far and wide into WW2, the rise of Hitler and the cartels and their agreements.

OC you'd like him. I'm sure the CEC push him as well.

You may not have seen me write that I like the CEC and LARouche but I have a few problems with political parties of any persuasion. Societies problems will not be solved through simple economic reforms.

We need a spiritual resurgence as well based on truth and justice and dare I say it love.

P.S OC seems the CEC is making inroads with all the talk of big infrastructure projects happening...water canal and all.
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