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Default Poisoned Again ?

Poisoned Again !!!


Deadly Electronic Weapons.

Lethal Bullying.

Here's an odd occurance

Sunday September 10 2006

One of my favorite spots to rest is the north east section of Dixie Road and Hyway 401 in Mississauga, Ontario. There is a truck stop, gas bar, car wash and restaurant there. You can rest there and have a shower, usually no one bother's you there. I try to get lot's of rest when I'm not working because my health suffered greatly in the last few year's.
You can sleep and let the rush hour traffic die down.
It's usually pretty quiet there.

Monday September 11 2006

Woke up and had breakfast at the truck stop.
I usually don't eat meals there. There are a number of resaurant's and coffee shop's on Dixie Road.
Bacon and egg's over easy, coffee and a large milk.
There are no temporary assignment's as an electrician this week. I usually spend my day's at any one of a number of employment resource center's in the Toronto area looking for work.
I have a few errands to do.
Mid morning, something's not right, I get sick, I mean violently ill for about 2 hr's.
Maybe the truck stop has some food problem's.
I lay down Monday afternoon and sleep the rest of Monday and all night Monday.

Tuesday September 12 2006

Slept all day Tuesday and Tuesday night. Didn't hear a word.

Wednesday September 13 2006

Woke up mid morning, still not feeling well, numbness on left side of my face and in my left hand.
Wind up at Trillium Health Care Center in Mississauga in "Emergency". Health care worker's take blood work, electrocardiogram and C.A.T. scan.
Doctor states he's concerned with C.A.T. scan result's.
Show's mild stroke on left side of brain. Also show's what look's like a massive stroke on right side of brain, but this injury is year's old!
Could be from when someone poisoned me when I worked at Harper Detroit Diesel year's earlier.
Recommendations, 81 miligram Aspirin. this act's as a blood thinner, and lot's of rest.

Scary thought's

First of all no one has been arrested for poisoning me when I worked at Harper Detroit Diesel year's earlier.
These people are "still out there".
Is it possible that some of the staff at the truck stop were influenced by "gang stalkers" to join in the "fun".
It really is a sick society.
Maybe to try and finish the job off.
I indicated to the health care staff that I had been poisoned year's earlier by someone in my workplace.
Hopefully my blood work will be looked at in this light.

More test's in the health care system to follow.


Gerry Duffett

Toronto / Ontario / Canada

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