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Default MKULTRA connection--Part II: Butterflys In Your Head

I believe that I might have received an amplified MK message on my radio via cellphone.

Cellphones do all sorts of weird things to radio waves each time the satellite passes over your area of the world.

But my cellphone began to lighten up, and the interference from the satellite began the static on my radio -- AM band. Then the radio simply went blank. And quietly and calmly a voice came over the radio speakers and said, "Nine, one, one." That was all that was said. Nothing more. Just 9-1-1.

This really happened. And many other sorts of things have happened to my cellphone. The alarm will go off at a time I never set. For example: 1:11am, 2:22am; 3:33am, 4:44am, 5:55am, etc...

This forum is meant to be a sounding board for all such experiences that you may have had with MKULTRA methodology being used via media technology.

It doesn't really frighten me as much as it amuses me. Because I know what is happening. My major concern is finding out how to reverse engeneer this technology to send a few happy messages of my own. :-D

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