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Default Re: Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

:-o :-?
We hav'nt had the terrible struggles of Europe and even the U.S.
Well thats coming! You should come to sydney some time and see just how many ghettoes have been formed and organised crime is rampant with guns, drugs and prostitition all ethnically based and lebanese and vietnamese are the main culprits, and chinese triads are also on the up and coming the NSW Police are afraid of them!When Perth becomes like sydeny maybe youll know what i mean!.

I think it's partly the fine weather and incredible wealth.I think it's partly the fine weather and incredible wealth.
Only for a minority and they are mainly B boomers ((old hippies) are you one of them?.
Many people in their 20s are unemployed or casual and cant even afford to buy their own home!
I hardly call that prosperity!Nepotism is also rife in most places.The problem with this is employment offers are made favouring family or ethnic group rather than on merit.This happens more at the small business level than anywhere else!.

If Australians spent as much time working as they did playing and watching sport we would have taken over the world many years ago.
Actually i have heard differently i have heard Australians are some of the hardest workers in the world.The problem is that we are a slave client state for foreign capital it owns us we dont control it!We were out sold out in the 1980s!.For example name me one decent sized Australian company that has mainly Austrlian shareholders and an Australian CEO or board!I bet you would be hard presssed to name just one!Hence most of the profit from our GDP heads offshore!. :-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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