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Default Re: Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

I agree with most of what you say O.C.

Perhaps I live too well over here in West Oz!

Life is good. I'm only 34.

It's funny how John Howard got rid of all our guns and introduced some of the strictest gun licensing laws and now there are more guns on the street in the hands of young dickheads than ever before!

When I was a lad, to get a hand gun illegally was just about impossible. Now people on the very fringes of crime can get one. $1200 will get you a Glock 9mm.

If Sydney is forming ghetto's then thats a plan that is being implimented.

Ghetto's are a choice. Perth forms grass roots organizations to keep suburbs clean and tidy and developing well.

Thank the socialists for making everyone wait around for the handout.

Thank the socialists for the immigration of cultures which dont even have the respect to value our social norms but expect us to wander around apolagising for being white and Christian.

Now we are finding out what the Abo's had to go through as we are made to feel guilty for who we are and even give up Christmas carols in school if we offend a Muslim or Hindu etc...

Stuff em! It's my country! I stole it fair and square!

Of course it is'nt local Muslims who demand this of's the little Fabian Socialist bastard social engineer's who force this on us.

On another note...

Perth is booming. Work is EVERYWHERE! The police are cracking down on everything including the cockhead bikers and the ethnics. Goodo!

Of course we happen to be turning into a little police state in the process.

So maybe it's time to address the drug trade at it's source...Wall Street and ultimately Rothschild and his band of merry men and women.

As for the coppers over in Sydney...a bunch of filthy corrupt bastards who are making shit loads off the drug trade. Of course it flourishes, they're making money out of it.

Here in Perth there's been a giant clean out of this official scum. Certain Biker gangs realise their former days as protected drug dealing Criminal Informants are over.

I like the clean out but yes, the ethnics are moving in...Serbs, Lebo's, Vietnamese, Romanian, you name it.

Thank the New World Order. They just discovered the place. They are arriving and bringing there hanger on scum with them.

O.C stay tuned for a media file a will be posting to my web site on Monday..."New World Order; Soloution Or Seduction" by Jeremy Lee.

A perfectly presented lecture on what ails us. Details the events that are now breaking up Oz.
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