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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

I will try to get it right OC.

Communism/Socialism whatever. It's about making you dependent on the State. With Libertarian values their is no State, or a VERY small one concerned only with things like national defence.

You turn to your community for support in a Libertine world.

Libertine values have nothing to do with the drug fucked fools of today and yesterday. There is personal freedom...but within the bounderies of the rights of others to live freely and in safety.

By funding people like Bush these Commie arsholes say.."look look! Look at those nasty right wing religious fascists! We need a World Government based on Secular Humanism to save us from the terrible bad habits of deranged religious people"!

They cause the problem and then offer the soloution.

I dont need socialism to teach me the values of sharing, helping each other and spreading power equally (yeh right, Marx) I already have those values given by the Christian faith handed down by a supernatural God.

The Muslims do not need a bunch of European Banking Elite pushing a socialist agenda on them. They already have their value system handed down by God through their Prophet Mohummed.

Ironically it is the Muslim people who are on the frontline against the NWO.

Most Christians are totally unaware that war has been declared upon them and are certainly not out on the battlefield.

Jeremy Lee, in his lecture on the NWO states that even if you're not particularly religious you must understand that the value system that underpins our democracy is Christianity. It flows through our legal system and our Political system.

The NWO Elite wish to end this system by foisting on us 'Secular Humanism' AKA: 'Dialectical Materialism' as expounded by Marx (financed by the Jewish elite) who spurn the idea of a supernatural God as peasant superstition.

Using the U.N and wonderful sounding phrases like "Declaration Of The Rights Of The Child" and anti discrimination laws, they usher in a system that gives more and more power to a central elite of socialist academics who make their laws from their own little brains.

They are agents of Lucifer and dont even know it.

No horns and flying devils are needed. Hell on Earth will be brought on by arrogent fools who believe they can mess with a social fabric that has held together for the last 2000 years.

I hope that makes things clearer...probably not, but I feel better getting that off my chest.

I hope I'm not sounding condascending but dont get the middle managers confused with the CEO's.

Nothing you have written on this site is wrong. In fact you're right. But I am focussed on the Elite...the true Elite banking/finance who own this planet...they ar'nt interested in business and competition or even profits. They print the money. They're interested in the coin of Power.

And they will manipulate and confuse us endlessly with their little scams until they get what they want...A world wide locked down police state with a vast peasant class ruled by an Intellectual/Political and Business Elite.

When they need us they'll need us and when they've finished with us they'll dispose of us.

Emotive language? No, the language of the corporatist and rationalist who loves non-competative socialism and an underclass that do as they're fucking told.

Please excuse my foul language...i start to spit just thinking about them.

Best OC.
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