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Default Demons from Space! A personal story

Hello, my name is Fugitive. My story, as strange as it sounds is true. Bear with me folks.

I have personally encountered aliens. Now, many will say these aliens are from outer space, but let me assure you that that is NOT the case. The aliens are nothing more or less then demons.
I was raised in an underground Satanist home. We did not belong to any organized church or organization, as we felt they were "sell outs". We had nothing but contempt for the Church of Satan and Anton Lavey.
As such, you could say we were fundementalist Satanists. We beleived in a literal being called Satan, and beleived that in Hell, after death, wre would be rewarded for our obedience to Satan. I was raised to despise Christianity as a religion for slaves and weaklings.
From the time I was young I was encouraged to desecrate religious items like the Bible and the cross. I was encouraged to trample the cross and spit on it. We kept the Satanic holidays, and faithfully sacraficed small animals to Satan.

When I turned an age old enough to be inducted into Mom and Dad's coven, I was instructed to take a stray kitten and strangle it to death on our Satanic altar. You might think that was easy, but it wasn't for me. Even raised as I was, strangling the mewing kitten to death was traumatic for me.
From there I was further instructed in Satanic ethics, which basically is dog eat dog. Homeless people were considered less then roaches to us, and frankly my parents were zealous Neo-Nazis as well. I was taught that Hitler had been defeated in WW II because he had not been as faithull and evil as Satan demanded of him.
As my Satanic religious instruction continued, I was instructed in the practice of evoking demons in ceremonial magick. I was taught the proper means of casting the circle, the proper invocations and rites of banishment. It was here that I met my first demon.
Demons are the same as aliens. There is no difference. I soon learned the deceptive nature of demons as they usually give misleading answers or they just straight out lie. But as I got deeper into Satanic practice, I soon found out many startling things.

First I learned U.F.O abductions were nothing more then demons attacking helpless victims in their sleep. The goal of this is to a form of psychic vamparism, since demons need food like any other animals.
Second, some were being manipulated to spread misinformation about God and the Bible. This is what is behing the "New Age" cults. The demons are simply masquerading and lying to their human patsys. Channelling is simply demon possession; you can call a rose by a different name, but all the same it's still a rose.
Third, I learned that the demons were keenly interested in reviving pagan worship. The reason from this is simple; the demons are predatory creatures that "feed' off the psychic energy of humans and animals. The best, richest source is humans. Since there worship was basically destroyed by the Church, they have literally bene "starving" for food. Reintroducing Paganism, in whatever form, is a means to reintroduce, eventually, human sacrafice.

I later left my family and converted to Christianity and Christ. My experiences has left an indelible mark as the demons, to this day, try to coerce me through threat and promise to return to the Satanic fold. But my experience has taught me that DEMONS ARE REAL!
Extraterrestrials DO NOT EXIST: These are demons, using the worldview of people to disguise their real motives which are:

1) Feed on human and animal psychic energy via
"abductions" and animal sacrafice
2) Restore Paganism to it's old glory and
destroy the Church
3) Restore the practice of open and legal human
4) Dupe their human tools to spread their
demonic deception and lies

Don't be Deceived! Aliens are ***DEMONS***!!

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