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Default Anti-Alien/Demon Resistance

My friends, I need to speak about an issue near and deep to my heart.
Recent experience make me beleive that the 2000's will be a cataclysmatic time for the human race. Things are afoot, and people of good will need to stand together against the "aliens'.

I have "friends" that have contacts in the Satanic underground. These "friends" supposedly have left the network of underground satanic cults to become Christian. So please take this all with a grain of salt.

They have told me that the Demons have been working overtime working towards bringing about another World War. They have a chosen "Antichrist" who has the favour of Satan is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the **REAL** Fianl Solution to the Jewish Question!
Their "Leader" is supposedly waiting in the wings for Satan's "O.K" to strike. This will occur when terrorism becomes so bad that tyranical measures are needed to secure our safety.
This will lead to the classification of Christians, Jews and monothesits as "ideological terrorists". Further, religious practices outlawed for centuries will be reinstated, principally human sacrafice.
This "Leader" will hail from the United States. Look for him to be in a position of political and economic power.
The cults, asccoridng to the informants are training in secret cadres to be ready for the time when the "Leader" shows himself to the faithful of Satan. At that time, their will be a "Night of Long Knives", where Christian leaders not coopted by either the Religious Right or by secular liberalism will be assasinated. A campaing of terror will be conducted with the killing and persecution of Christians on a massive scale.
Please be aware of this monotheists and my brothers and sisters in Christ. The time will arrive sooner then we think. At that time, if you TRULY beleive in Jesus, you will become a target for the Satanic death squads.
The shooting at Columbine was a dry run. Your young people are being influenced and recruited for the "New Order" that will arrive on that day. Do not be mislead; they will kill with no mercy, and it will make no difference if your their father or mother. Satan does not tolerate cowards or "weaklings", and those involved know they either do as their ordered or die themselves.
These young people are dedicated heart and soul to Satan. They have been taught those they kill will be their slaves for eternity in Hell. Disobedience on their part will lead to them being sacraficed on the altar or killed outright by their "comrades". They are the modern version of the Brown Shirts of Hitler's Nazi regime.

The time to begin to resist is NOW! Tommorow or when Satan's assasins are wandering the streets killing and slaughtering is too late! Only an organized, united front of Christians and monotheists working together stands a chance.

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