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This is what ozzie the cynick suffers from -- by this stage it is untreatable. His brain so deteriorated as result of the desease that he thinks that reaching into other people's pocket to pay for his wants and needs is his right; he sees nothing wrong with helping himself to the products of other people's work. "By the sweat of _other people's brow_ shall he eat bread" -- says he and other syphillis infected subversives.
:-o :-? Ah 789 where have you been for the last three years to suddenly make an appearance at this hour just so i could witness more witless hickery dickery crap from the child fiddlers state of canada.
On the contrary despite your presumptions i think the deep freeze must have frozen a few brain sells for you to still believe someones life never changes in four years since your last post.
Are you even a real person just another intelligence stooge on this forum fabricating nothing but the same old stale evidence from my old posts the only thing you have!.

As for the attacks on socialism per se maybe you could start by cleaning up your own pola brothel state theres no more of liberal or leftwing state than canada its hippie and deviant central.

On another note I am out of here here as i ve found other forums more to my liking so i suggest you find someone elses pre pubescent fantasy shaft to masturbate over.!. :-D :lol:
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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