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Default Re: White Nationalists

I guess the dogmatic right wing ultra nationalists are the natural result of the dogmatic left wing ultra internationalists.

I'm sure the middle ground lies somewhere inbetween.

I personally take people as I find them. The Jew plays the eternal victim. I'm quite personally sick of this endless temper tantrum.

Theres the old saying of a young Jew taking his Grandfather out to a baseball game. The Yankee's hit a home run and the crowd goes wild. The young Jew is excited and his Grandad asks..."is this good or bad for the Jews"?

Then again there's the story of the Young Rabbi who comes to his Old Rabbi mentor and asks..."why is it God does not speak to the people anymore"? The old Rabbi reply's..."my son, nobody will stoop low enough to hear it". My personal favourite witty Jewish line and pertinent to the discussion.

Perhaps thats why I like the Muslims, they actually bow there head before Allah 5 times a day. Now thats taking your God seriously.

Perhaps the Jews should have gone with JC when they had the chance. For me JC was the natural progression of the old Torah Jews.

As I am no expert on the subject, can anyone explain exactly the difference between the old Torah Jews and the newer Kabbalistic/occultish ones?

In the end, any religion which says I am a Gentile/Goyam and not worthy of God can stick it up their tush!
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