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Default Re: Anti-Alien/Demon Resistance

Barbarien wrote:
Really, by all means resist. When do they send money? Here is a fun little thing for you. Santa, move one letter, Satan. You play in a place as dangerous to the human as the human can imagine. Nicholas of the Nicholatians. To show how no one will believe you, we tell you this: the cell phone is very useful to us and will become your means to buy and sell and fits in the palm of your hand. You are all too funny.
I command you to depart, demon in the name of Jesus!

It is obvious you are a servant of Satan. You are so deceived. Your Master will use you and throw you away like a used Kleenex.
Take my advice; wise up. Satan is not a kind or forgiving Master.
I bind you in the Name of Jesus, and by the Blood of Christ compell you to acknwoledge Jesus as both Lord and God! Begone, demon! The Blood of Christ compels your obedience; to Him you shall bow and desist from your wickedness.
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