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Default Excorcism Against the Forces of Evil and Demons Here

I command, by the authority of the Holy One, all demons to flee ClubConspiracy! By the shed Blood of Christ I bind you and by the Sword of the Spirit I smite you and demand that you depart here!
You are allready defeated, and you know this. Resistance will not avail you. Your Master is bound by the precious Name of Jesus. I bind the Demons of Lies and Deception!
By the precious Blood of Christ I place a hedge of protection around ClubConspiracy and smite all demonic hosts, in whatever deceptive form they are in, with the Holy Word of God!
Demons, by the Blood of Christ and the sacrafice of Calvary, I command you to leave this place, and i sanctify it by the Blood of Christ and God's Holy Spirit. You are commanded to return to Gehenna, to the depths of Hell itself, and to depart from here and never return.
You will obey this command, by the Holiness of Christ and by the angelic hosts that now force you to depart, foul deceiving spirits, from here. Your Master is defeated, and you will ackgnowledge Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


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