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Default Re: Milosevic in the Hague

OC ya have really got to chill.

I put (spelling) because I was'nt sure of it and I could'nt be bothered looking it up.

You can call it Corporatism if you want or Fascism. I prefer to call it Socialism for the rich and Capitalism for the poor which is where your self employed tradesmen come in.

Who is the current King of Facism? Adolph? And what did he call it? National Socialism.

The melding of the Corporation and the State is more properly called Socialism as it amounts to Elites sharing the world amongst themselves equally and fairly. Some before called it Fuedalism. I just prefer to call it the rich and powerful shafting the poor and weak as they've always done.

A true Capitalist is someone who produces something new and value adds to the economy. In the strictist sense of the word a self employed tradesman does not qualify.

He is simply maintaining the structure.

Hence my example of Ralph Sarich...a true value adding Capitalist.

For me, that is why Libertarian values work for me. It values the individual and the creative impulse. It is positive about human beings and believes in them.

Sometimes you live up to your Forum name to often.

I'm not the enemy. I merely disagree about the level of the debate. To often the forum is caught up in somantics. The rich and the powerful want to stay rich and powerful and they are using different systems and scams to manufacture consent in the people. The people must be led to where the Elite want them while making people think they wanted it all by themselves.

To be honest you should post less articles and try figuring things out for yourself. I dont often fall back on a dictionary. I'm more interested in the big picture.

You dont go back far enough and need to study the rise of the Illuminist movement and the banking and finance sector which funds both sides of the debate, sets them at each other, then provides the soloution that they wanted all along.

One World Socialist Government based on the value system of 'Secular Humanism' with it's origens in Marxist 'Dialectical Materialism'.

They are Rationalists, Luciferian and ultimately Satan worshippers for all the imagery that provokes. Certainly their aim will produce a hell on Earth. Just ask an 80 year old European.

As for Murdoch and Trump? Just how do they qualify as Capitalists? They produce NOTHING. They are lent money by the international financieres and simply buy up larger and larger shares of a given market. They are perveyers of mindless speculative activities. They are Marxists in Capitalist drag!

They are useless dead weights on the economy called Managers who are good at supporting existing structures but dont have the balls of the real Capitalist to venture into uncharted territory.

They'd like to think they're movers and shakers but they're just arrogent pricks with a spread sheet who do as their boss tells them.

They own and produce nothing. They are owned by Rothschild and his ilk.

Bill Gates is the same. He's never made a thing in his life! He bought out his friends idea with his rich,corporate lawyer, well connected Daddy's money and with the assistence of some very heavy background players forced IBM to accept his dog of an operating system. The rest is history...he produces nothing new...he steals and buys out.

You are mistaking these useless gutless pricks for Capitalists? Dont use their pathetic names in the same sentence.

They are nothing but lapdogs for the real owners of the planet.

I dont need the Socialism of the Left to tell me how to live amngst my fellow human beings.

They're 2000 years to late.

Though my tone may have turned a little acidic...i respect your intelligence and knowledge. I just think we have a mixed up vocabulary and are not communicating perhaps what we intend.
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