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Default Re: The Computer is SATAN\\\'S Own

Just as stated in this thread, the Bible was created as a means of mind control. They needed a way to introduce "Lucifer" and so he was!

The "powers that be" use religion to divide and conquer people and they have been doing this for centuries. They use religion to keep us arguing and fighting over each other's GOD; instead of paying attention to their destruction of the human race and their enslavement of us all; instead of embracing each other's beliefs and respecting one another for the same.

In essence, you believe as you choose and I'll believe as I choose and we can still be at peace with one another. We can still live side by side.

Argument is mute!

Freedom of thought and expression is what GOD, I believe, would want for all of us.

You can very well see what they have achieved in Iraq with the division of religious groups erupting into civil war.

They are not killing as many Iraqi's as the religious sects are killing each other. In this sense, they can appear not to be responsible for the bloodshed. It is the Sunnis and Shites pitted against one another. However, THEY added the fuel to the fire by invading. They knew what the outcome would be!

Religion has served its' purpose for the Illuminati.

Afterall, they worship Satan and this is exactly where they want us to be.

The question is, are we going to let them drag us into the "depths of darkness" and the pits of hell with them or are we going to disallow them the control of our minds?

In Peace,
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