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Default Re: The Computer is SATAN\'S Own

Barbarien wrote:
Yes I believe this is correct and what it will evolve into will be he and his owns home. The posters here would do better to stick to the subject of the thread. Maybe in the near future a demonstration of how the computer is SATAN\'S will come about. Isn\'t that Satan in the upper right hand corner of the site\'s banner?

I do not see Satan in the upper right hand corner of the site/'s banner. Can you point him out for us, please?

I think there may be signs in the upper right hand corner of "other" intelligent life forms; however. To discount this, would be foolish.

From whom do the "powers that be" acquire their technology? The very technology we are using on this website? The slaves that we have become to these weapons. The instruments that will create an isolated society. One of armchair anonymous' hiding behind their computer screens. One of children sitting in front of their Play Stations and Xbox's instead of interacting with one another. A society of social misfits!

A fast-paced, distracted society. Just how they want us. Trying to keep up with their technology will be our demise. Humans cannot compete with computers. Tired, worn out, stressed. A "dysfunctional society." Just how they want us.

And, to think, this is only a glimpse of the technology that they possess.

Our high-tech equipment is oudated and replaced by what they already knew existed before we even became acquainted with it. We toss out the old and bring in the new. Our hard earned dollars; out the window. All this, just to keep up. All this, just to have the latest and newest gadget.

You don't think they already knew about the gigabyte before they introduced the megabyte, do you?

We are their slaves and now we are slaves to their technology and confused about it as well. By the time we figure out how to use one piece of equipmentt, another "chip" is introduced. If you don't think they're planning on chipping us all, think again.

Sad, but true!


Because, people do not have the power to resist.


Because through decades of mind control, people no longer are in control of themselves.

Their brains have been outsourced to the "mind controllers/programmers."

They are unaware!

This, makes us their puppets.

We are programmed, like robots, like computers. We react to triggers, to commands, to repetition. We repeat like parrots, we copycat.

We are animals that have been trained to perform for them. To do as we are told. To behave as we are expected.

In Peace,
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