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Default Re: Experts on Communism: i have a question

The fact of the matter is that JFK was one of them, but he was pandering to the people.

He wanted to:

(1) abolish the "Psychological Strategy Board." The entity responsible for "mind control programs."

(2) his brother was attempting to take-down the Mafia. Without the Mafia, the CIA has no cover for their drug and pornography business and all other "illegal and corrupt" activities in which they are involved.

(3) JFK warned the people that the "American citizen's freedoms were in danger during his speech at Columbia University and he was killed ten days later. He knew he would be killed.

Presidents, those who SERVE THEM, just do not do this without risking their lives.

You can be "one of them." You can be a controlled marionette puppet; you can be born into one of the elite families; but, you can also know it is wrong. You don't have many options.

Through blackmail and the threat of death, it isn't hard to see how they keep the truth about our country, our country's history, the world, and their acitivities, their true agenda, shielded from the people.

There is a list a mile long of those who have died mysteriously when they know something the Illuminati does not want public.

Case in point; two of George W. Bush, Jr's. commanding officers at the Texas ANG.

In Peace,
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