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Default Re: The Computer is SATAN\\\'S Own

Barbarien wrote:
I do not see Satan either. It is good that you do not see Satan either. After all is there a Satan or is this one just subjective. Most of what you say is very true. Do you believe that the human species is the supreme creation of a creator or even the greatest achievement of evolution. Do you believe that the mind of a pure human ruled in the past, rules now, or will rule in the future? As to Satan, sometime look behind you.
Actually, I do not acknowledge the existence of Satan/Lucifer or the Devil.

Never did, never will. This, the reason I survived the "pits of hell."

The Satanists, devil worshippers, Lucifer loving creatures within the "satanic cult" have devised him for their own benefit/agenda. They have become of his likeness and all those born after them, in order to promote their agenda.

Just as they subject us to whatever it is that they desire we become, so to it is the same with Satan.

To deny is our best defense.

In Peace,

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