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Default Re: Airport Security Measures

To add to my commentary, I would surmise that the "tightening of our borders" is another step in their plan to keep us in and others out.

One must look at the "operative," in California who met resistance from Bush, but pushed ahead irregardless in securing his portion of the border. He is "one of them," I'm certain. Married right into it as well. You don't allow that much money to comingle with just any JOE BLOW. You don't allow just anyone inside the circle.

We've been screaming upon deaf ears about illegal immigration for decades, but their labor is cheap and now, we have more than enough to suit them, so closing the border or, as they referenced it; "tightening the borders" is occuring at present.

As usual, this effort appears to the American people to be in our favor; however, the agenda we hold and they hold are of two opposite sides of the spectrum.

What they know and desire from their actions is never in our best interest.

Thirdly, the new regulations requiring passports for travel to caribbean islands that were not necessary before 911.

This would go along with the "communist plot."

In Peace,
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