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Default Re: White Nationalists

So I ask, what's the dichotomy between these WN and us that prevents them from seeing the big picture? What can make them realize that it's not a "Jewish" problem, but rather a Luciferian one? Is it there over-emphasis on race, when they should be focusing on the Bible?
I too have had a little to do with Nationalist type forums like Stormfront. In my view it is forum much like this one with people coming from a very broad range of ideological postions from National Socialist or paleo conservative to Market libertarians who claim to be concerned for the european race!.(the contradiction should be obvious)
I dont think many of these people on stormfront themselves even now what White nationalism is they seem to adapt it to their own personal tastes by playing semantic language games with the word.Personally i think the term is all bollocks anyway.
The U.S is not a white nation because it probly has more non whites than whites so what is worth preserving.Also it is controlled by zionist jews so it is simply defacto zionist empire for Isreal.Thats my view.
Also many so called white nationalist seem to discount the influence of jews via Freemasonry to control the Anglo American establishment.There is author called Carrol Quigley a that wrote a book about this it is very long but avialiable out there i just dont have link for it!
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