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Default Re: The Computer is SATAN\\\\\\\'S Own

Barbarien wrote:
Satan seems to fascinate many and is underestimated by most. It has always been that extra-human are of little consequence and that in the end the human will prevail. This is a good example of the programing and its desired outcome being out in the open. No secrecy required just the human conviction that all will end with the good guy winning. If this is the case, study who the good guy is.
I would think that many seem to be fascinated with Satan due to his introduction into religious groups, music industry, society in general (i.e., good vs. evil). There is a God and there is a Satan. He becomes reality. Again, to deny his existence, is to reject their "programming." But, to underestimate the power they have given to him within our world is detrimental. They are doing the work of "Satan." Is this not obvious???

For me, there was only a GOD. I was repeatedly told that he did not exist. Only Satan lived. God would not help me no matter what trauma, torture they exposed me to. This, when calling his name for help against their evil ways.

I believe in the will of the people to understand that "programming" us to acceptance of their beliefs is their ultimate agenda and that we have "free will" to reject and follow what we know to be true and real in our hearts. That we can see with our own eyes what is right and what is wrong. Thus, ending the "mind control" which has been perpetrated upon us for centuries!

They created Lucifer for their own agenda.

Only men who have no morals would wound, kill and mutilate thousands upon thousands of innocent people in an "unjust war." Only men who have no morals or respect for any life other than their own and those within their "pact," would order their troops to march into a foreign land, risk their lives and limbs defending not America's freedom, but the resources for which they sent them.

I have always believed that the GOOD GUYS will prevail. Without them, I may not have!

To achieve the end result, the programming, the mind controllers, to be "out in the open," secrecy cannot be required.

In that respect, extra-humans present consequence for them.

I would think they underestimated us!

In Peace,
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