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Default Re: The Computer is SATAN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'S Own

Barbarien wrote:
At one point this fascination caused us great trouble. We have been working through it for some time now. A perversion, sometimes I am too sarcastic.
The fascination is of himself and could be defined as being perverted.

I don't find many people fascinating including myself.

I might admire an artist's drawing, but not necessarily be fascinated with his person.

I might be in awe of a building's architectural design, but not be fascinated with the person who designed it.

Nah, I'm just not fascinated by people very easily.

The present "psychological operation" to acheive that was short-lived.

The senses returned.

Now, mountains, they fascinate me. Nature, fascinates me. All of God's beauty fascinates me.

I can see how this "fascination" thing may have caused a problem in the way past, and a slight bump in the near past, but in the future, that would include tomorrow, I don't forsee that this would ever again cause a perversion/deviation.

The truth couldn't be more obvious!

And, as far as sarcasm, well, I think I might take the cake for that one, but I'll be happy to share a piece with you.

In Peace,
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