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Default Re: MKULTRA connection--Part II: Butterflys In Your Head

Barbarien wrote:
The fathers come to the children and as you should know there are those you are not children having never been through a borning process. Also you judge when you should not judge. Having written all this, it is of little matter, you still think of this as play and can not fathom the seriousness involved. Gibberish is gibberish, it is not the word that affects, but the sound, such as the noise that sometimes awakens you or your friend. 2007 will be a productive year. Watch it and think for something new may come. We have never been changed by words of the written variety.
As I know, there are those who have gone through the rebirth. Water baptism, belief, repentance of sin, and standing upon the promises of God. Afterward the process of Sanctification of the spirit, and raising to sit in heavenly places with Christ. As the end result the attainment of the mind of Christ.

These are things that we experience and things that you have no experience of or true knowledge of, though you think you know.

It is you who do not realize the gravity envolved. For you cannot fathom that a Christian could have possible penetrated and broken the methodia in these dark days in which we live. You are in gross error concerning us and concerning a great many things. You know not.

Think that I toy with you and your kind? Think that we do not know the vibrations of logos through the eathyrs? Think that we have not power to do the same? Think you that we judge according to man?

Did I not give you the overtours of salvation? Do I rejoice in destruction? Have you not mocked at salvation continually as your race is wont to do?

Trust in you power. Make you leagues. Depend on your gods. Mock at all that is holy. And utterly perish in your own delusions.

You must maintain your position. You must marginalize me a 'lunatic fringe'. You must, for if I am true, then truly you and your kingdom are at the beginning of the end.

And think that it all was set into motion by a pure will to reveal the Father almost 2000 years ago.

I attest before all men everywhere, that the Mystery of Iniquity is at its end. That Aeon is done and gone. It shall diminish and never rise again. The consciousness of the Father shall again be manifest, and Satan, all of his consciousness, and all his kind shall be vanquished forever. And as it is in heaven, so shall it be seen on earth.

Oh, Barbarien, do you really think I speak in jest? Keep thinking so. It matters not to me. For I do know of that which I speak. And though you would make a good show of it, as you must, in public, the thoughts of the inner mind when you are alone will haunt you.

I did not begin this without counting the cost. We have come for victory and only. No more jokes. No more games. This is the real deal. Neither height, nor depth, nor angels, nor demons, nor past, nor future shall separate us from the love of Christ.

And all of your aura is held in utter contempt by us. You are nothing and less then nothing to us. You and your kind with be trampled under us like dust. And then you will know that whatever things were written were not just in word, but in deed. For the kingdom of heaven is not in word alone, but in power.

Though your deaf ears hear not the echo now, they shall, Barbarien. They shall.

Manifest that which is appointed for you in 2007. And it shall be manifested in its totality. For there is nothing hidden that shall not be brought to Light.

Go on! Go on! in your strength. You shall be crushed to powder. For we know the Sword of the Spirit.

Repent, you false Illuminati. For you have come to the brink. And you are now left desolate.
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