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Default Re: White Nationalists


I also came via WN through stormfront I have to confess that they have very reliable informacion however what turned me off was the hate that many but not all felt towards other human beings.

There view on jews is based on facts but jews are human too and cannot be given all the credit for the dismay they have the world in, they are not supermen nor super intelligent the only way they could have done this is by associating with the forces of darkenss.

I still agree with them that a multicultural society is a dead society, and that we must preserve our Euro culture. and that If our culture and countries are to prosper and survive we must rest control of the powers that be yes the jewish cabal and their euro lap dogs (the masons and other occultic groups)
We must go back to the best of our Christian culture and heritage and scrap multiculturalism.

However at this point I know that only the comming of the Lord will resolve the problem. And just as i started to suspect during my association with them is that its not all the jews.

You will never get a copy of the talmud they use just a cleaned up version made for non jews.
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