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Default Re: The Absurdities of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!



By Glenn Spencer - April 22, 1998

Consider the following possible scenario:

Reconquista "flash point": An incident at the border
Returning from a vacation, an American citizen is caught at the border in a cross-fire between rival Mexican drug gangs in Ciudad Juarez. Two Mexican federal policemen are shot in the gun battle. Fearing for his family's safety, the American guns his Ford Bronco and races past Mexican customs, heading for El Paso, one-quarter mile ahead.

Convinced that the American was part of the shoot-out, Mexican authorities give chase, firing at the escaping Ford. As the Americans approach the border they wave wildly to the U.S. Border Patrol to let them pass. They cross the border, but not before 4-year-old Melissa is struck by a Mexican bullet, splattering blood on the inside of the Bronco. Defending the Americans, Border Patrol agents return the fire, killing three Mexican policemen.

Mexican Federal Protective Police
At this very moment a company of The Federal Protective Police - a heavily armed, specialized Mexican army unit - is passing nearby. Seeing the fire-fight, they rush the Border Patrol station and demand the return of the Americans.

Attempting to defuse the emergency, the Border Patrol moves the Bronco north to make the Mexicans believe the Americans had left. As they do, the Mexicans open fire and a new version of the Alamo is played out. All of the Border Patrol personnel are killed.
Thousands of Mexicans waiting to enter the U.S. see the carnage and rush to cross the unguarded border. Tens of thousands more follow. Mexican army units follow - at first to try to get the Mexicans to stop - but as the flood continues they are caught up in the movement. They take El Paso in one hour.

El Paso is occupied
Word spreads that the border has been breached and one hundred thousand of the two million Mexicans of Ciudad Juarez flood into El Paso, reuniting with families in the 75% Mexican-American border town. More rogue Mexican army units flood in and a perimeter is established around El Paso. Even more Mexicans cross.

The U.S. military is alerted and units are sent toward El Paso to liberate the town. Mexican TV helicopters descend and word of an upcoming battle reaches the world. Mexicans Demonstrate in the U.S. Informed of the unfolding events by Univision and Telemundo, Mexicans in Los Angeles and elsewhere demand that El Paso be left alone. Demonstrations break out.

A rancher shoots an armed Mexican near El Paso and word of a "slaughter" spreads. Riots break out in Los Angeles and huge parts of the city are occupied by Mexican gangs, supported by locals. The city begins to burn and Americans flee.

Border Zones are Occupied....

Fear Along The Border

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