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Default Re: White Nationalists

Well that slightly clears it up a little.

I forgot the main thrust of your question Thumper...yes, more of a focus on the bible will help and yes a knowledge of the Illuminati but we must couch it in terms people can understand.

To talk of Lucifer and the Illuminati will gaurantee you an early Friday night. None of your friends will be over for a beer.

I just prefer to stick to the love of the intellect over the world of feeling.

The intellect will lead you into trouble and a troubled conscience will lead you out of it.

The refusal to doubt and reflect and the need to look totally in control at all times means we are fast headed towards disaster.

Lucifer is full of pride and arrogant. Hence he is cast out of heaven. How many men fit this? And a few women?

The Jewish faith in my limited experience fits this bill. It is an extremely rational/intellectual religion. I believe Christ was the balance.

Maybe one last disaster and finally the human race will let go of it's hubris.

A great shame it may have to come to that. There's alot to look forward to.

Just as obviously not all jews are the problem (do we even need to say this?) we can say the human race is'nt all bad either.

A select few are using up an awful lot of resources to keep the masses as ignorent and stupified as possible.

Best to all.
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