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Default Re: White Nationalists

The book is "Tragedy & Hope" by Carrol Quigley.

It's a big sucker.

There are a few that are good summaries.

Henry Makow put me onto...

"Secrecy Or Freedom" by Alan B Jones

"How The World Really Works" by Alan B Jones, which is a great summary of...
"Tragedy & Hope", "The Politics Of Heroin", "Dope Inc", "The Greening" (about the Green movement...duh), "Report From Iron Mountain", "1984", "The Creature From Jeckyll Island".

Also a documentary called "New World Order; Soloution Or Seduction" which I'll be posting on my website...


People always say..."You must watch this doco"! For a thorough background on the rise of Communism, it's financing by the West and the ever so subtle and not so subtle attack on our Christian value system by the's a must watch...thats only my opinion however.
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