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Default Re: Moon Landing Conspiracy

Dear fellow malcontents,

Here is the best debunking of the Moon debunkers.

The human race has landed on the moon.

You give too much power to these people.

You would have to fake the radio signals and 100,000 other little bits and peices.

Thank you Ahmed for the other info.

We went.

God has created a gigantic universe for us to explore. And eventually, when we've grown up, we will be heading out to explore it.

Admittedly at first glance the evidence is compelling and then with just a bit of common sense in the other direction we see the Moon Hoax theory fall apart.

They got me for a second to.

Well done Dadylonglegs for the other bits of common sense.

The Van Ellen belt is not an impassable barrier.

Be careful of the urban legend that becomes fact. Just becoz we want to believe does'nt make it true.

If we ar'nt as careful as we can be they will keep laughing at us. We're all ready lacking in credibility...cant think why?....

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-(

And whats more...why does their have to be a 'superior' race from outer space that is going to come down and save us from ourselves? Thats the fantasy of a helpless infant.

We cant accept the fact that life is a miracle and maybe we're the most advanced civilization in the Universe. We dont want to accept the responsibility.

For all the looking no one can say for sure that we are NOT alone. Just becoz there's billions of them does'nt mean we're the dunces of the Universe waiting to be rescued.

To say that we wont be moving out into God's creation is ridiculous. The baby leaves it's cot and always does.

I just wish i could be around to see it.

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