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Default Re: The "DOT CONNECTING" thread.

Does that mean you put your faith in what MEN have told you, rather than The Word of God, that also describes the Super-Continant (that science only recently discovered), that didn't start dividing untill Peleg's time, when Australia, South America and South Africa were still connected?

See men have always tried to fit the Whole Bible into what little parts of the world they were familier with at their times, but God has always described and spoken to the Whole World, and it's rather arrogant of us to tell Him, He doesn't know what He's saying and who He's speaking to, just because we don't know or have forgetten those scattered relatives.

The rise and fall of countless nations and even lands, is mentioned throughout The Bible, along with even Israel "forgetting" who they are and where they come from, as history and archeology also confirm, yet, again, we want to tell God, He got it wrong?!?!
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