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Default How The ORANGE Order Run the World

How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Inside the Hidden World of Secret Societies

This site provides an unprecedented insight into the mystical world of secret societies, their hidden secret society degrees, rituals, secrets and esoteric teaching. It examines, in detail, Freemasonry, which is widely accepted as the mother of most of our modern-day secret society organisations. The site also looks at the many so-called Protestant secret societies, which have been birthed by Freemasonry, like the Orange Order, the Independent "Loyal" Orange Institution and the Royal Black Institution and compares, contrasts and examines the similarities between these neo-Masonic structures and their ritualistic degrees. We also address the controversial subject of generational curses, which has come to the fore in recent years.

This site creates a unique facilty for those both on the inside and outside of these secret bodies who desire to examine otherwise hard-to-obtain internal material relating to the many esoteric secret societies throughout the world. This informative in-depth resource centre discloses startling evidence about the origins, structures, secrets, degrees and rituals of bodies which has hitherto been concealed from the public gaze.

This website will endeavour to demonstrate in an open objective manner the incompatibility of these mysterious secret societies and their degrees with the Christian faith and with God's infallible Word - the Bible (a book these Masonic structures so frequently yet corruptly employ). In revealing such, we desire to reach the many Freemasons, Orangemen and Blackmen in our land (Northern Ireland) and further afield with the simplicity of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. This anti-Masonic site and the information contained within it is also a must for every born-again evangelical Christian interested in the alarming hidden influence of these highly ritualistic secret Masonic bodies. See the secrets and degrees exposed in graphic detail.

The Knights of Malta

Popish Knights

The Irish Knights of Malta is the next step of advancement from the Independent Orange Institution. In fact, in Ireland one can only progress to the Knights of Malta via this organisation. This so-called Protestant Order developed from the papist Scottish Knights of Malta, which in turn has its origins in the papal inspired crusades of the dark ages as the Knights of St.John of Jerusalem. Today it shares many of the same heathenish practises as Templarism worldwide.

Most of the leadership of the Independent Orange Institution are members of this mystical fraternity. The Scottish Knights of Malta in essence is a product of an extreme form of Romanism and occult practice.
The Royal Arch Purple Degree

royal arch purple degree

There were three main degrees worked within the Orange Order in its early days between 1795 and 1798. These were - the Orange degree, the Orange Marksman degree and the Purple Marksman degree. Whilst little is known of the exact content of these three degrees it seems certain that they were highly ritualistic in character, being modelled on the first three degrees of Freemasonry, namely, Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason.
Orange degree - Entered Apprentice degree
Orange Marksman degree - Fellowcraft degree
Purple Marksman degree - Master Mason degree

A ruling authority over the Orange - a Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland - wasn't formed until 21st April 1798. This body brought much needed stability and leadership to the Order at a strategic period in its history. Grand Lodge immediately addressed the bewildering amount of unnecessary ritualism that had found its way into Orangeism, and here began a process of reform which purged out all the ritualistic baggage which had settled itself within the Order. This resulted in the disposal of the original three (elaborate) degrees of the Orange.

From this date forward, the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland accepted only simplicity within its Order. Between 1798 and 1800 Grand Lodge began a process of implementing this simplification by standardising procedures throughout every lodge in Ireland. That they might eradicate any lingering injurious behaviour by spurious characters, they abolished the old Orange Order in 1800, with its ritualistic connections, obliging every Orangeman to rejoin a now simplified new Orange Institution.

Those ritualistic Orangemen inside the Order who bore allegiance to the former neo-Masonic degrees were far from happy at this radical reform. Some continued to practise these illegal degrees in a clandestine manner, in blatant violation of the rules of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Facing strong persecution from a now powerful Grand Lodge and realising their beleaguered position, they merged the three old degrees into one large ritualistic degree. The Arch Purple Chapter's book 'History of the Royal Arch Purple Order' explains: "Sometime between 1800 and 1811, possibly in 1802, a new degree was devised." This degree was "developed from the three pre 1798 'old degrees' " (p. 59). This elaborate degree became known as the 'Royal Arch Purple degree'.

Orange degree Orange Marksman degree Royal Arch Purple degree Purple Marksman degree

From its inception, the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland looked upon this neo-Masonic Royal Arch Purple degree with understandable abhorrence. It was viewed as being incompatible with, and contrary to, both Protestantism and Orangeism. Those ritualistic Orangemen who practised the degree were persecuted by Grand Lodge, forcing them to practise the degree in great secrecy for fear of expulsion from the Order. Grand Lodge maintained this position throughout the whole of the 1800s and into the early 20th century. The hard line assumed by the Orange Institution in Ireland mirrored the resolute stance of Orangeism throughout Great Britain.

The Symbols of Orangeism

Whilst opposition to the Royal Arch Purple within 19th Century Orangeism was enormous, a proposal was made to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland to accept the Royal Arch Purple degree into the Institution in the early 1900's. It succeeded in that it passed two readings, but when it came before the Grand Lodge meeting of 8th December 1909, in Dublin, delegates present resolutely rejected the introduction of the Royal Arch Purple degree into the Orange Institution of Ireland.

Realising there was little chance of the Arch Purple degree being integrated into the Orange Institution of Ireland, these clandestine Orangemen, on 30th November 1911, inaugurated their own Institution - the "Royal Arch Purple Chapter of Ireland"- with its own ruling authority known as the Grand Chapter.

The degree:

The draft to the Arch Purple Chapter's book diplomatically traces the roots of the Royal Arch Purple degree, stating that, "In light of the evidence available it would appear that the degree given today evolved from certain practices which had their origin in the Masonic Order, together with some innovations which had been introduced by those brethren conferring the degree in different areas being added to the original theme of the pre 1800 degrees to form a new ritual."

In their book 'The Orange Order: An Evangelical Perspective' Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland (which owns the Royal Arch Purple as its second degree) Rev. Ian Meredith and Irish Arch Purple man Rev. Brian Kennaway comment on the Arch Purple degree. They state, "It has to be admitted that this is the most 'Masonic-like' part of our ceremony." They later describe it as "a Christianised or 'Reformed Freemasonry' " (pp. 12, 25).

The Royal Arch Purple degree (The Orange Order's 'Royal Arch Purple degree' exposed)

A Biblical Analysis of the Royal Arch Purple degree

Comparisons between the Royal Arch Purple degree and Freemasonry.

When on this page, please click on links within text of either degree to compare similarities with each other.

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