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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Our Partner:

The work of the Climate Institute is made possible through the generosity of a number of foundations, corporations, individuals, agencies, and other cooperating organizations that share the Institute's goals and objectives. We are pleased to acknowledge the special role the following supporters play in the Climate Institute's successes.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Department of Energy
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
U.S. Agency for International Development
Environment Canada

The Thomas H. and Barbara W. Gale Foundation
Communities Foundation of Texas
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
The Rockefeller Foundation
Turner Foundation, Inc.
Shell Foundation
The Bullitt Foundation

CH2M Hill
Michaels Stores, Inc.
Battelle Pacific NW Division
American Honda Motor Company

and for those on the Board of Directors;

and Board of Advisors;

Now if this doesn't cause 'conspiracy researchers', to reasonably wonder if the whole, "Global Warning", "New Ice Age", "Climate Change", isn't a crock of "Orange Shit"....then you may want to look into these threads;


The NUCLEAR Power is...

We are currently expanding both the means of production, and desire to use, NUCLEAR WEAPONS, around the Whole World...setting the stage for the last prophecy, before His return, near destruction of ALL there is.

Outrage over French N-bid,21985,20612339-661,00.html

Ben Packham

October 20, 2006 12:00am
Article from: Herald-Sun

A FRENCH bid to build an atomic reactor in Australia has sparked outrage, with memories of its nuclear testing in the Pacific still fresh.
Labor and green groups have condemned the plan by France's state-owned Areva company to export its nuclear technology Down Under.

In a detailed submission to the Howard Government's nuclear taskforce, Areva said nuclear energy was viable in Australia and would ease the drought by powering desalination plants.

The company confirmed it was "very interested" in breaking into a future nuclear industry in Australia, and recommended large reactors over smaller ones.

Mr Albanese said Labor was still waiting for an answer from the Prime Minister on where he would build a reactor.

Greenpeace Australia-Pacific chief executive Steve Shallhorn said it was clear that nuclear "vultures" were circling in the hope of huge profits.

"I think it's outrageous, given France's history in the South Pacific, that they have the cheek to come and offer to build a reactor in Australia.

"It would be a mistake for Australia to invest in nuclear technology, but it would be an even bigger mistake to invest in French nuclear technology," he said.

Mr Shallhorn warned that Areva's latest reactor in Finland was beset by problems.

The first of the so-called "third generation" reactors, it was running late and over budget, wiping $300 million off Areva's bottom line, he said.

Industry and Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane said it was premature to speculate which companies might build a nuclear plant in Australia.

"We first need to determine whether there is an economic and environmental case for nuclear energy in this country," he said.
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