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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

Originally Posted by gforce
No one group runs the entire world get over it there are a billion chinese people laughing at you right now lilly :mun:
Keep up, I'm 'connecting the dots' for you, read the whole artical at the link.

James Wolfsonsohn (ex-head World Bank) GLOBAL RE-STRUCTURE Reply with quote
true-lilly wrote:
Well, I do hope some Aussies caught James Wolfsonsohn's interview on ABC TV's Lateline tonight, 24-nov-06.

I hate ABC's site, none of the 'good stuff' ever seems to be on it, but he also gave a lecture somewhere tonight so maybe some clever NEThead can track it down.

Basicly this Former Head of The World Bank, was telling the world what I've been warning of for decades; Global Power Re-Structure, America's dying and Australia/The Crown, were bloody smart to concentrate on our 'friendship/Nuclear and other Trade', with China and India, the Emerging New "Titans".

Funny too, 40% of the worlds Uranium, 'friendly', with China and India, 40% of the world.

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