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Default Re:CIA strikes again!

The history of the KGB is well-known. If the current FSB should be known as the former KGB, one should know that it is not really formerly known. The name change is nothing new in the history of the entire Russian(Soviet) intelligence service.

In 1917, on the order of Lenn to establish an intelligence/secret police group, the Cheka was formed and Lenin chose Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, a Polish Jew, to head it.

Over the years, it went through numerous name-changes:

Cheka 1917
GPU 1922
OGPU 1923
GUGB 1934
NKVD 1941 (February)
GUGB 1941 (July)
NKVD 1943
MGB 1946
MVD 1953
KGB 1954
MB (Ministry of Security) 1991
FSK (Federal Counterintelligence Service) 1994
FSB (Federal Security Service) 1995

In 1991, the KGB was "formally" dissolved well before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. When Yeltsin assumed power, he did not completely dissolve the KGB, rather he retained the intelligence, counterintelligence and internal border security functions of the KGB as useful services for the newly formed Russian government under Yeltsin's controls, then Putin's, respectively.

Below is the link revealed how former KGB officials are still in the positions of FSB:

Is KGB dead? Yes and no.
In name, at least officially in the eyes of the world, the KGB is dead. Yet its functions and practices are still being used to this day, the name-change is all cosmetic dressing.
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