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Default Re: The Contamination of Truth

Well, well, well, three holes in the ground.

"The Protocols Of Zion"...probable forgeries due to the Jews love of stiring the pot and the Russian Czar not liking competition.

But they are the best darn fucking forgeries i've ever read!

They are also the most accurate forgeries on what the Jewish faith is up too.

Whatever they are, they sure mapped out the last hundred years.

I'm trying hard to not lump all Jews in the same pot but I really cannot get over being called a Goyim.

Sorry, ya lost me their brutha Jew plus also slamming the door in my face when i was collecting for charity scarred me permenantly.

You have no sense of humour besides Seinfeld, Mel Brookes and Krusty the clown...and also Australias John Safron who makes up for the rest of you as he is the funniest human on the telly...Check out John Safrons music jamborie.

What was I waffling on about again?

If you doubt why someone would write down their plan, well ask Adolph. He wrote it down for us all.

When you're a power mad megolamaniac you tend to give LONG MONOLOUGES on how the rest of the world is weak and you are so strong and how you are going to take it over.

Please refer to "The Incredibles" for more info on this point.

Quite frankly Jew persons I've had enough of you. You are a bunch of whingers and the eternal victim. If the world turned around and gave you a big kiss you'd have to go off and find another bigot to hate you coz it just would'nt feel right.

If everything was going well you'd have to do something to bring it all down so you could whine on about it.

You are like the battered house wife who does'nt know how to live any other way.

27 million Russians died as did 6 million German. You lost maybe 1.5-2 million and most of those from starvation and typhus thanks to the Allied air attacks grinding things to a halt.

You do not have the market cornered on suffering and the empty kerosine tin rattles the loudest!

There. I got that off my chest. I'm not going to pretend i'm 'reasonable' on the subject anymore.

Get a life you arrogant bunch of bastards and join the rest of us Goyim or will it be ANOTHER two thousand years cursed?

Talk about stubborn and above all...outed from under the rock you've been hiding under!

THE LIGHT..."it burns, it burns agggghhhh".

You will never steal Christmas from us ya jealous misery guts.

Wait a minute....did I just give a long monolouge?
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