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Default What Do You Think Of The Movie "The Incredibles"?

I thought it was great! Excellent script and story!

Please dont tell me it's an Illuminati plot!

It seemed a backlash at the undermining of the family and family values.

"Elastagirl" was a stay home Mum holding the house hold together.

"Mr Incredible" was the disempowered super hero who had to work as an insurence sales man after being banned from being "Incredible" by the government.

There was the New Age technological brat who was creating chaos so that he could fix it and pretend to be the human races saviour.

And we had the corporate girlfriend of the Technological Brat who was attracted purely to power but in the end envy's Mr Incredible and his Incredible family.

Surely this was directly aimed at the NWO?

I would value peoples personal opinions on how they found it.

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