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Default Re: How Great is the Amazon River?

Shadow wrote:
Did you know that AMAZON spelled backwards is NOZAMA and EGYPT spelled backwards is TPYGE.

If you were to go back and check some of the pre-biblical literature you will find an obscure Hamurabian prophesy about Nusama and Tipingie. I think you had beter read that before you continue on your quest.
No, how about you make a case, against ALL of the points raised in the related threads, and not imply you've won a debate you haven't dared to enter, with your invitation to play Masonic letter shifting games.

I will never lower The Creator to being someone who only recently 'discovered' most of the WHOLE World He caused Scripture to be written about.

Line upon line, here a little there a little, while also studying His Whole creation, as He taught us, is how I search Scripture, not parroting the twisted stories of Anti-Christs that were plentifull enough during Christ's time and have only waxed greater ever since, and ignoring all the Scripture that proves "egypt" is the Opposers great Stumbling block.

"OO, all Satanic Occultists are into Egyptology, so they must be right about Lucifer being god.", is all but mainstream teaching these days, thanks to that "egypt" lie.
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