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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

The Promised Land, as described in God's Word, is geologically stable, rich in EVERYTHING, and entirely surrounded (girt) by sea.

And not only did the Super-Continant not divide untill Peleg's time, but along with the earthquake Amos wrote of, there were countless other lands removed from off the face of the earth.

And no "new" land was ever "discovered", that didn't have an old map or direction that preceeded the hunts for them.

And the lie that those Catholic run nations that sailed around Australia, hundreds of years before her 'official' discovery, thought it wasn't worth exploring let alone claiming, while fighting to claim chunks of unproductive sand and ice deserts all around the rest of the world, is just to riddiculous for any sane person to entertain as even argueable.

Australia's Elite Jews, like The Crown, the elite of their Orange (and related) Orders and the Vatican, know what this all means, and why MIZRAIM was CHANGED 677 times out of 681 mentions in The Bible, to read as "Egypt".

You can mention just about any conspiracy these days and find people to boldly join in the research, but raise The Orange Orders countless conspiracies or the fact that MIZRAIM is NOT Egypt, and you find yourself alone but for countless poison sword wielding (Counterfeit) Christians and Satanists, on a shared mission, to permanently silence you.

"EGYPT", is Nowhere in The Bible. art=0


Australia's History; Pyramids, Egyptian Glyphs, more! s+glyphs

Where are the Ten Lost Tribes? s+glyphs

The ORANGE Order
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