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Default Re: How The ORANGE Order Run the World

My God, can you read, consider and reach your own conclusions, or do you need "Brothers" higher up the Pyramid to tell you what to think and how to attack those who expose them?

It's a very long thread, covering all of history, over the whole world.
Trying to sumarize such a broad subject, only leads to bickering over 'loose bricks' and ignoring the bloody great structure, but Secret Society members know this and that's why they love 'loose bricking', while condemning Christians (falsely) for 'telling' people what to think and do.

Those who choose ignorance as their shield from the ugly truths of life, will follow your lead, and wait for an easy to swallow answer.

Those with the heart and mind to dilligently search for understanding, will find many worthwhile links and ideas to add to their own study.

Obviously, organising the world's population to fall in step with the NWO, is not a simple task, and requires countless 'justifiable' diversions to stop people 'clicking', as to what's being done to them, so I suppose I could sumarise to the the extent of stating that Service Clubs and Charities, are the wolves dens, decorated as sheepfolds.

Oh, and beware the Women's Organisations.
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