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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

"Icke The Lizards And The Orange Order"

I thought it was the jooooze?

Make up ya mind David. What ever happened to those shape shifting lizards?

Ahem...well, I have heard a few rumours that Oz was the "New Jerusalem" though the Bible is specific regarding Christ setting foot on the Mt of Olives once again. But then again God has a habit of arriving in the least likely far out place...just like he did in far away God Forsaken Judea/Samaria all those years ago..."what good can come out of Nazareth"?

Well one thing I know for sure...Oz IS the New World Order Globalist/Zionist bunker when they realise the only way out is to nuke 2/3rds of the Earth to get their way.

Will get back...the heathan scum who put this internet on in the house, wants to play internet poker. What can I say?

Ciao for now.
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