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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

55132 wrote:

And the lie that those Catholic run nations that sailed around Australia, hundreds of years before her 'official' discovery, thought it wasn't worth exploring let alone claiming, while fighting to claim chunks of unproductive sand and ice deserts all around the rest of the world, is just to riddiculous for any sane person to entertain as even argueable.

Tell me about this i have always wondered why such a huge piece of land lay practically ignored for over 300 hundred years, why was it it not colonized till the late 18 century. I mean how could all those explores acutually mis it


Simply, "Family" squabbles.

It was tough going in Europe over that period.
Not only were the "Families" planning how to divide the world up for themselves, they were also fighting over who got the spoils and who paid the debts, for the lands they already had and were 'bidding' for.

Global power centres needed to be secured first, and that takes very, long running 'diplomacy'.

You also had Rome desperately needing to bury and destroy evidence of the history of the world, so they could sell the false history they use to keep everyone hoodwinked into thinking it's a Christian religion.

The Dark Ages was no time of madness when the most powerfull and educated didn't know the value and importance of history, quite the contrary, they knew history would bring their plot undone, so decided to keep history for themselves, destroy common knowledge of it, and feed the world their lies.

Then they needed to take alot of time to establish false but commonly held beliefs, to be the footings of their New World Order.

Cook was commissioned to officially discover Australia, only after the squabbles were settled, new histories accepted and the surrounding islanders who knew their history, could be bribed/terrorised into keeping the "Family" lie, alive.

There is no shortage of Jesuit trainned Gatekeepers, in all the islands surrounding Australia, as Billy Connoly's wife discovered when trying to research her family history in the region.
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