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Default Re: The New Age movement

Yes it is a good link for the New Age and one of the first I came across in an attempt to understand exactly what the plan is. You may be interested in this link which is part of an online book written by a Jewish psychologist.

Actually I would be interested if anyone has ever attempted to explain to a Newager what their new age is really in aid of. They have a very weird perspective from what I have found in that they believe in a sort of idealism. This is where you could say everything is real only from an individualís perspective. They maintain no concept of absolutes in the world they live. If I were to say to them for example it is wrong to murder they would reply that is my 'truth' and what I believe. In their world two people with opposite 'truths' can coexist without a problem. So from that perspective it would be impossible to make sense of anything as it defies rationalism head on and sort of relies on experiences, in that you experience something to understand it. Also on top of this there is a doctrine that they follow which is absolute and not open to question. So can you spot the logical contradiction, I have found it almost impossible to point it out to them. The term brainwashed regularly springs to mind.
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