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Default Re: let's cut and paste everyone.

Shadow wrote:
true-lilly wrote:

Now, if you could be moved to post the same 'advice', to the posters of those sick pics. and hate mongers, you would have some foundation of credibility, but as it is, I'll have to consider your 'cryptic' private posts to me, are strongly suggestive of threats towards me.
Having just arrived here, I am suprised how you know about all the past. Unless of course you are yet another of Barbariens offensive aliases.

As for those private posts, I suppose you would call anyone 'threatening' if they question your satanic teachings. Threatening to you is anyone that has an open mind.
O.K., going by that post; insane or bald faced lier? Pick one or both for your title, so I don't confuse you any further in future exchanges.

One; I can read and enjoy it, unlike you who have to challange posts you admit to not bothering to read.

Two; just joining doesn't mean just arriving.

Three; making vows to keep man's doctrines over and above God's Word, is Anti-Christ, and that most certainly ain't me Jack, as anyone who cares to actually read my posts can see for themselves.

Four; knowing first hand (from being raised and living among them), how Satanists/Orangemen/Masons/Anti-Christs etc. work, when "Who", "Where", "How" type, one line questions are barked at me, I know the threat of the 'full powers' of the "Inquisition", is 'strongly implied' to follow a refusal to answer.
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