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Default Re: let's cut and paste everyone.

true-lilly wrote:

Yeah, ta BlueAngel.
I just declared that to him on the 7th or 8th private post he's churned at me.
More like you churned at me.

true-lilly wrote:

Ooh, and he "knows where I am", yet doesn't know I'm the one and only me, but had to imagine everyone he's failed to 'convert' is the same person.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
I am not trying to 'convert' anyone. I, unlike most others here, am a champion of individual beliefs. I support in what ever misguided notions you choese to have. Something that you are not.

As for the multipersonality troll, God only knows what his true beliefs are, but that is meaningless, as that has nothing to do with his purpose here.

As we are being open about 'our' messages, I also said that I realy don't want to debate you because I believe you may be suffering from a bi-polar condition.
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