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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

Simply, "Family" squabbles.
Yes, well they were always squabbling. They know who the enemy is though.

It was tough going in Europe over that period.
Not for the British. They were approaching the height of their power. I presume when you say Europe you also mean Great Britain.

Not only were the "Families" planning how to divide the world up for themselves, they were also fighting over who got the spoils and who paid the debts, for the lands they already had and were 'bidding' for.
Hmmmmm...not quite. Certain people "owned" the money supply and had no problems with debt. By this period of history the Rothschilds/Beauers were well and truly ingratiated with European and most certainly British Royalty. They were calling the shots together with the Elite of England and had promised them that they were one of the lost tribes of the house of Israel and they would rule the world alongside the Jewish/Mystery religion adherents of the Zohar/Kabbahla. Queen Elizabeth the 1st called England the "New Jerusalem" all the time and it was during this period that British MI6 was started by the cunning and pragmatically crafty William Cecil. Just have a look at the MI6 logo...

Notice anything there worth noting?

The "Orange Order" is nothing more than a subsidery of the secret Judaic orders melted in the Babylonian Mystery religions, who ultimately trace back to the time of Phareo and the wish to rule as gods on earth..."Luciferianism". ANYONE who claims the conspiracy is ANYTHING but a fundamentally "jewish" operation is one of two things...

1) Wrong. Sincerely so.

2) Just another shill for the opposition muddying the waters.

Ultimately the conspiracy is Satanic and involves a struggle between the fallen human being and his desire to live free from God and His laws. The CURRENT "rocket sled to hell" where the Cheif Of Operations resides, is the totally corrupted philosophical foundation of the conspiracy - "Judaism"...a virtual organised crime syndicate. No more no less. NO other organisation comes close and ALL other so called pretenders for the throne are OWNED and OPERATED subsideries of said organised crime outfit. That includes ALL the Freemasonic Orders and the so called "Illuminati" and all the rest of the comic book outlaws. Ultimately real power lies in the 'Round Table Groups' started by the Rothschild funded "Cecil Rhodes". I find all the rest filled with useful idiots and trouser puller upper'ers.

Global power centres needed to be secured first, and that takes very, long running 'diplomacy'.
Indeed. Or a big stick and lotsa blackmail and assassination.

You also had Rome desperately needing to bury and destroy evidence of the history of the world, so they could sell the false history they use to keep everyone hoodwinked into thinking it's a Christian religion.
Well, the Pagans had to sneak in somewhere. With some defence of the Catholic Church...they were operating against the forces of the world trying to fracture Christendom. Pagans here and there and the Mohummedians at their doorstep coming up from the south through Turkey. A trying time for all.

The Dark Ages was no time of madness when the most powerfull and educated didn't know the value and importance of history, quite the contrary, they knew history would bring their plot undone, so decided to keep history for themselves, destroy common knowledge of it, and feed the world their lies.
As ANY centralised power system does. He who controls the past controls the future. And most certainly, he who has no past has no future. This is the prime aim of our Zionist/Globalist masters. To destroy ANYTHING that connects a man to his past, his clan, his tradition, his culture, his God and to simply leave him blowing in the wind dependant ONLY on the State and it's system of control. Is it ANY wonder that this accellerated process started at EXACTLY the same time of the move of the Kahzar/Jewish Money Changers into Eastern Europe?

Then they needed to take alot of time to establish false but commonly held beliefs, to be the footings of their New World Order.
Yes they did. But you blame the Catholic Church? The Jesuits? The Orange Order? Strangely (or perhaps not so) you forget to mention that other organised crime grouping who have been around for 3000 years. Why is that? Are you simply illinformed (in which case i hope i helped) or are you ANOTHER one of those Gunderson/Maxwell/Icke compromised Zionist shills muddying the waters for the unitiated?

Please tell Maxwell that the Jesuits do not control the world and the Popes cross is upside down because thats how Saint Peter was crucified considering himself unworthy of crucifixian in Christs manner.

Sometimes my friend it pays to look up varied sources for your information. One good source is the blessed "Orthodox Christian Churches". Here you will find a wealth of information on symbolism and tradition that is based on a 2000 year tradition and not on the convolouted fancy of Maxwell and his rapid fire drivel of truth and half truth mixed with outright lies. The man will not even correct his mistakes or reply to e-mails disagreeing with him so I can tell you he is practically useless and downright dangerous to the point of making me highly suspicious of what he does in his spare time and how much of it is on video.

All roads lead to the money changers who have financed this criminal operation and subverted ALL institutions of the West and beyond.

It is hard to believe you missed this fairly banal and easily found out history.

Cook was commissioned to officially discover Australia, only after the squabbles were settled, new histories accepted and the surrounding islanders who knew their history, could be bribed/terrorised into keeping the "Family" lie, alive.
The islanders were simple local flora and fauna and no one gave a shit what they said. The only terrorizing came when they ate a landowners sheep...not when they decided to "expose" the conspiracy.

There is no shortage of Jesuit trainned Gatekeepers, in all the islands surrounding Australia, as Billy Connoly's wife discovered when trying to research her family history in the region.
You forgot those OTHER well trained subversives and gatekeepers in the region. They're called "Zionists" and they run around framing muslims and own U.S Foreign Policy...or does the Vatican control the U.S? MAybe the "Shriners"? Did the "Shriners" finance the Bolshevik revoloution?

As for "Pam"...dont let the truth get in the way of a good doco. As one who knows a few documentary makers, hers took the cake in "manufactured" tense moments. I saw her latest offering and was laughing myself silly as the crew fought off pirate attacks (not filmed but faithfully retold for the camera's) and Pam tearfully told us of her fear of muder and mayhem from the safety of her cabin bunk...touching and indeed riveting television. No doubt aged retirees watching the good old ABC were riveted to their rocker/recliners as Pam told the story of her desperate struggle to find the truth of her family background.

Obviously Billy had a few sheckles spare as a tax dodge and decided he could kill two birds with one stone and get rid of the Missus for a few months in the bargain. No doubt the pubs were rocking in Glasgow during this period.

I'll get back to you after I review your posted info on the specifics of Oz being "The New Jerusalem".
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