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Default Re: let's cut and paste everyone.

Oh I know this ilk of poster too well, but I like to give all I just "meet", a chance to voice themselves (some are just conversationally limited kids), before making, "Warning, Madman!" posts.

But this one would have to be the most eger to jump into 'crazyland', that I've come across yet.

Most will at least play at being, misunderstood but nice people, for a while.

Funny though, you can post on the most cruel and unjust behaviours of much loved people and 'causes', and folk will debate, but post on Egypt and the Nile not being mentioned in The Bible, or that The Orange Order is beavering away where ever there's a conspiracy to run, and the hatchets and threats come galloping straight out.
by Barbarien on 2006/12/16 2:42:17

Shadow needs to learn to spell and the laws of plagiarism.
Oh and; Nice to meet you, 'me'. :lol:

What did you/I do to the poor shadow of a being, to have your name associated with mine?

You're not one of those rare forumers who dares to share their own findings instead of just promoting some shills latest book, are you?

You do know that is the worst crime you can commit on a CONSPIRACY Forum. :-x :lol:
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