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Default Re: "EGYPT", is Nowhere in The Bible.

Originally Posted by raginggran
Thanks Lill..

those birds sound interesting. Do they taste good?

Easter Island has always been an ignima to me. do you have a take on that?
Also the roads under the sea at Bimini..
Ah, now we come to Hiram, the great ocean traveling merchant, rewarded with a load of cities for his help in providing City building materials from around the world.
Now, he (his people) is still a 'friend' of Israel, despite being given crappy cities.
Could that be because he understood, from traveling the whole, still 'settling' world, Solomon wouldn't easily recognise lands Hiram had seen collaps into the sea, so didn't take it as a deliberate insult?

Hiram I read as our 'yellow' Asian cousins (Japan/China area), who today are still such 'friends' of Israel, we trust China with our uranium and still have the northern half of Australia marked off to GIVE too Japan (that great FISHING nation), since WW2.

Again, the discriptive meanings of Mizraim, fit the two halves of the Americas and the greatly narrowed lands between them.

And there is a very "real world" reason, Masons go on so smuggly, about the "secrets of Hiram", and you know Masons; it's nothing to do with any of their 'spiritual BS', as even their obsession with the occult, is just to accumilate ever more "real world" luxuries, riches and power.
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