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Default Re: Australia's History; Pyramids, Egyptian Glyphs, more!

Whereas I'm not a believer in aliens, I do feel pyramids and other archeological anomalies around the world, tell us an important truth of the movements of man, that the NWO relies on keeping "buried", for their coming "False Messiah" scam to be believed.

It has always struck me as 'off', that The Bible starts with the Super-Continant (that doesn't divide untill Peleg's time), and one of the 'heads' coming off the river (out of Eden) is called the Euphrates, then "they" try to tell us it's that trickle (compared to the Super-Continant's Euphtrates) in the Middle East, that "they" then use to base the 'right' to tell us, is where the Bible "story" comes from.

I fully believe that archeological anomolies prove that The Bible was written for and about the whole world, as It claims, and that's why "they" keep these discoveries "buried".

The world over now, people are looking for end time signs in Israel. I believe they are looking in the wrong place for the wrong signs, and that that's been the plan all along, and why so many histories have been so blatently lied about.

Originally Posted by phoenix1
Yep the Egyptians have been to Australia...DEFFO

And Look who is here ...ANUBIS

Scarabbs, Anubis, Mummies, Stars etc etc...

Sketches of some rock art

This thread goes well with the thread, "Who are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?"

The point I'm getting at is that we don't need to look for any 'magical', 'secret', 'illuminated' writtings of men, but honestly look at the real evidence, of real history, that's so "actively ignored", but still there to be found.

After all, it's kind of hard to "hide" whole continants!
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